Speak 04

Hello, assalamualaikum ...
see you diers, it's nice that the day passed so fast it doesn't feel like it's been our last week Pratik on this month. Alhamdulillah! Hopefully what we get here is useful Amiiin. This sunny morning my friends and I arrived at 7:30 a.m. at the campus while waiting for another friend to come. As usual the sunny morning had a good beginning, at 8:55 we all oneline main kitchen. This second week we entered the ala carte 2 menu learning which was very different with his yesterday.

At this time my friend and I will handle the dessert menu. The task for the dessert team is divided into Pastry and Bakery so we together share the tasks and prepare the orders requested by other sections. The pastry team makes various cakes while the bakery makes a variety of bread that is needed for great sharing. Today we only just prepare but like the pastry from preparation to products that are ready to be used for tomorrow so this will take a very long time.


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