New Beginning

Hellodiers ! how is your holiday??? Are you visitting Samalona Beach or visitting Bantimurung in this summer and gathering with your family really makes fun, isn't diers? hope you a fun holiday in this summer. You don't forget me, don't you ?? hehehe.........
And I'm in third semester right now, which is I have to learn more and expand my own potention and my skill in speaking english. Yeahhhh I am a beginner in this case heheh.

Well this time I'm about to share my activity again, about what I done in the kitchen. But this time I didn't practice in campus kitchen, but in one of famous hotel in this city, it's Gammara Hotel. It is a new beginning, isn't? Here we are taught about how to manage something relate to this industry. And I thought this system is very effective because in this hotel we did what staff did and they also taught us new lesson, even though they were often yelling to us but well that's no problem " The world of kitchen hard man!

In the hotel I was placed in main kitchen to make coffee break for lunch and dinner 150 pax and did preparation for breakfast. For coffee break we prepared lumpia with ingredients such as carrot, bamboos shoots, and leek and seasoning, after that. We sauteed them by heating oil and sauteed chop garlic until fragrant then added vegetable, cooked until ripe well. Oiya I used wok that bigger than me. We filled the lumpia and fried them until golden brown, then served.


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