Monday English.

Welcome to my blogger, in the second week of practice. As usual, I arrived at campus at 7am and 8am before entering the kitchen, our equipment was checked one by one by 5a semester seniors and grooming people (the rountine). Today's discussion is BUFFET INDONESIA, menu:

Buffet Indonesia
Dojang Nakeng
Rujak Mie
Soto Padang
Soto Banjar
nasi putih
Terong santan
Pelecing Sayur
Daging rendang
Ayam bakar Taliwang
Dokodoko cangkuning
Bubuh injin

Before doing this, we were also given direction by Mr. Ical and Mr.ino about Indonesian buffets and criteria for food in every region. And for today I was assigned to play main dish. Where do I prepare the ingredients as well as cutting vegetables and then store them in a chiller. After that, we also make rendang spices and Taliwang chicken which consists of garlic, shallot, curly chili, red chili, ginger, lemongrass, bay leaves, aniestar orange leaves, cinnamon, brown sugar, coconut milk while the Taliwang seasonings only add enough kencur then blend and saute until the extra oil comes out.


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