Tumeric,ginger and galingale

This time not as usually, we come early before 07.00 am we all already are in the kitchen lab. "What's too fast?? ' hmm ' iyah! early this morning we get a gift and breakfast enjoy fragrant selection of spices supervisior, ' WHY? ' because one of our friends have not been able to figure out the difference of turmeric, ginger and galingale "SO" we all get a panachement direquest directly by chef Dino. And supervisior incharge today  Chris.
How to Use Fresh Turmeric Root Instead of Dried | LIVESTRONG.COM What looks like ginger, acts a little bit like turmeric, but actually has been shown to fight cancer like a champ and can even keep your brain healthy? You (probably haven’t) guessed it: galangal. This root, part of the ginger family, grows in various parts of Asia and is a staple herb in Thai cooking. The … 
Nah! Maybe you guys can already distinguish the colour of Saffron just you guys already know the concentrated orange however if you guys find ginger and galingale distinguishes it very easy viewed from a somewhat rough texture of ginger, dark and Sandy well if still buy d Indonesia you guys definitely find  ginger ,now different more ginger out of state  usually reply ginger there big sized and clean. Ginger is often used in the cuisine of the drink, or beverage typical Saraba makassar with its ginger scent wrote a very condensed because the flavor of ginger, spicy and warm is strong enough. While the shape is galingale rounded and yellowish white in color with aromas of fresh and typical reply. usually used on food karedok or seblak 
that's the explanation of turmeric, ginger and galingale.


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