Tomorrow Ramadhan

The third day we practice in the lab's kitchen.  I arrive to campus at 07.37 kinda early and I instantly oneline in cold kitchen as well as other friends. As usual and will as such rituals e.g. day "review" smallbook however supervisior gave us 30 minutes to read again. Oiyah, the ritual has always been we do yaa adds wrote. Our completed review by supervisior bae, we directly doing and one of my friends take the materials that prepare our already yesterday.
We were assisted by a group of 4 to form the yuan already given colorful and stuffing. I will prepare your boil water for tang yuan then drain. Then dilanjut made simple syrup as sauce tang yuan of water boil, add sugar from as wide a pandanus leaf supplement the aroma, lift and chill. Open restaurant will open 14.35 wita so we will glaze  sauce into tang yuan if there are reservations.
A stroke of luck. We weren't handling big menu but no reply is in charge of handling big all. So we just platting and break during the restaurant's end. And thank God a lot of children's fortune, we also get food yg has made by seniors. Great dinner end months before Ramadan arrived . Oiya diers next Ramadan, sorry wrote you guys if there are words wrong either intentionally or unintentionally.
Happy Ramadan tomorrow diers. See you


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