Ramadhan Kareem

Day by day has passed. Nobody feels today already enters the first day of Ramadan. Hopefully  strong! This time we went to College at 13.00: because in Ramadan there is no restaurant open  daylight. SO, we are doing today for takjil the time for Maghrib Athan. Oiya this time we still enters the menu rotation II rather we make the menu rotation II. 3 Thailand cuisine.
This time, I just help make gai tod takrai similar with fried chicken galangal. After that, we fried the chicken with half-cooked and then advanced bake approximately 30 minutes with a temperature of 150-200 * c
Complete menu rotation, I and his other friends shared the same gc directly to net the occasional break for a moment hilangin tired n sense of thirst. The time for Maghrib Athan ever berdengun we also me with friends and seniors for iftar together, I'm grateful to be  fasting smoothly and can even iftar together. Ramadan blessings:)


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