again again chinese food

Today we enters chinese food for the keberapa time, our next oneline: 07.15. After that we also oneline in cold kitchen, this time there is no senior incharge. Free. and I was commissioned to make tartar sauce which consists of a gold egg, salad oil, lime, and mustard and add chopp white egg, onion, salt and pepper. Once completed we wrapp be used tomorrow and today we prepare burgers mini yg commissioned by chef Dino.

Mayo left the Group I help, continue doing not only help us bersih2 cold kitchen area. Today the closed restaurant so we ate great for today. After that I helped my friend (Nata) create blackpepper sauce. We also break. Interrupted us break one of my seniors called us to make assisted jalangkotte (they call us casual) hehhe there there is also the older brother.


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