Maybe you guys are confused about what the hell is this? or blog content about things that I often do in the kitchen. OK, on this blog could be said to be a mandatory task that must be done every student food managment poltekpar Makassar over what has been done a day in the kitchen or people often call it document activity day in the kitchen. Well from the beginning to wake up to the further preparation of the campus and doing in the kitchen to return home. It must be we tell me as much as possible and put in the blog. Well, maybe you guys can see from previous blog.

ok'right enough,back again .
The same day and as usual. But this time I made the mistake to one of our lecturers angry because it did not follow general cleaning. So we were given the policy i.e 16 people dont follow gc yesterday (I included) this person that will clear all the magnitudes of major gc kitchen this until half 5 should be clean.


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