Preparation day

After  the project , I continue preparation for tomorrow is the menu of indonesian food. my group get the task of creating the sosok utan, which is almost the same with vegetable nodes but that sets it apart from the seasoning. The sosok of utan use seasoning of garlic, cayenne pepper and shrimp paste to produce red and tasted a bit spicy on the tongue then sauted and enter into the stock pot containing broth.

 This marinade can also be used as a marinade for chicken breast marinet. It's not just stuffing Veggie sosok utan :pumpkin, spinach, corn and then blanch and this field I make portion in soup cup. Ooya, Forgetfulness to yummy  this soup give galangal and bay leaf to taste dieess!! 

Finished, I helped prepare the group doing to platting and serve. This time 40 pax for lunch restaurants. Finishing and close our restaurant oneline in cold kitchen and a review by the senior a few hours later our gc  together.


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