make happy

 Hellodies ... The second week of dipraktek third day of struggle staying another day so should spirit.
I am so happy because rain is not sad but our rain along with the jokes and laughter. The rain keeps us in the same place, gatherings (only one shelter in front of the kitchen) without us getting off the phone, like happy playing water and even eat together this time with his more delicious than eating pizza, pasta or steak.

 Yeaah!! this time I am doing with the chinese menu but my work was finished yesterday stayed open waiting for resto is open from 14.00 wita. I used that time to help my friend make balckpepper sauce for beef rice bowl. It's very easy once the where we mix oyster materials oyster sc, chilli sc,tomato sc, black soy sauce, salt, chicken powder, msg, black pepper and flour as a thickener sauce and then taste. Not only making the sauce blackpepper I help make dressing a salad of spinach ginger chop, black vinegar, dark soy sauce.


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