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This time I want to meriview menu rotation 2.3 especially soup dishes i.e. Figure utan. Unlike vegetable clear liquid and clear but the stuffing vegetable  more or less about the same. the figure of a particular have characterized the sosok utan in the broth a bit reddish because of the seasoning of garlic and red onion and chilli then sauted until aromatic, not just as a flavoring soup seasoning is also made into a chicken marinet let sit for overnight then grill until juicy remain new slice.

In addition to the soup there is also another Indonesia specialties grilled konro original Makassar. konro seasoning that absorbs perfectly into the meat until it feels pas and glaze the peanut sauce savory grilled konro makes this hungry anyone. But that's less than the flesh facet fuel konro still chic so it takes effort to eat it.But overall already tasted yummy ...

As for the dessert "bananas ijo" dough on steam then formed the banana suit then flush the sauce coconut milk. Very fitting eaten in season this summer, the taste of bananas and sauce blends sweet  the tongue

see you...


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