Repeat Again

welcome to back on my blog!! Sssttt don't say if you are tired, then you'll go heheheh (kidding).

           Yupzzz! as usually enters the third day of the world's in the kitchen. We earlier came from usually due preparation we hadn't and make French bread again, honest anyway everytime I doing always happen the problem if not slow it works or my over processed. So I end this is less passionate to get kitchen because what I want to get knowledge about world kitchen does not match ekspetasi. Either  what's wrong but my friends also felt the same as me.

Today's menu of baked potato I overcooking bec

ause too long in his bake until hard and so not worth serving. From here I learned I shouldn't always join procedures of supervisior (sorry kk) but I have to see my main ingredient, whether he vegetables or meat and how long of processing. I should not blame anyone because it's my responsibility and I have failed.

I repeat again, place new materials (material is still the same potato). Here I peeled and boiling approximately 10 minutes. Then cut wedges and seared in olive oil, herbs, spices and wrap aluminum foil. Then bake for 15 minutes. After it was adopted.
Next, open for lunch. We also presented our respective dishes assisted by supervisior. And 30-minute break and then back again to the gc.


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