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Breakfast is a daily meal that must be done by every man in the morning in filling energy for the activity (work). As for breakfast time at around 06 to 10 am.

That's how breakfast dishes vary, depending on where the country comes from. But the following have been grouped in the standard breakfast, among others:

American breakfast, Con Continental breakfast, English breakfast, Oriental / indonesian breakfast (additional)

And on this day I will present some breakfast dishes namely Twist Bread and Croissant which is a dish from american breakfast. Here's how to make twist bread that is:

First prepare the equipment that will be used to facilitate work activities, among others:

Mixing bowl serves as a mixing container material stainless bermaterial and how to clean the use of chemical water and sponge

Rolling pin serves as a rolling dough material wood or plastic and how to clean the use of water chemical and sponge

Bakery oven serves as toasting stainless steel or iron plate and how to clean enough using a wet cloth

Mixer dough as mixing dough machine material aluminum iron plate and how to clean bowl use water chemical sedangan machine enough wet cloth

Once the equipment is complete. then the following I started how to twist bread maker, among others:

Material :

180g water

3g yeast

312g hardflour

6g salt

31g sugar

15g nonfat milk powder

15g shortening

15g butter or margarine

How to make:

Mix all the dry ingredients into the bowl. Then mix well. Mixed well, add water (liquid). Mix again into a dough dough. Then the round shape, do the process of expanding which has been covered wet cloth wait 15 minutes. After the dough douche fold. Remove air dough (knocking) Portion 60 g, elongated shape of the dough then wrap each other into a chain or braid shape. Put into sitpan wait a few minutes (proving sitpan) Olesi twist with egg wash then put into the oven. Baking for approximately 30 minutes. Temperature 200 ©


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