Topic activity breakfast indonesian

Today I some late to campus but that not make me come going late because we go into oclock 07.10 am . They oneline in the cold kitchen and continue supervisior sharing job .YUPZZ usually, the last week we practice and still thing the same topic “breakfast”.

My grup have job beverage.Coffee it’s just easy only boiling water 5 ltr then add 15 tsp coffee, we making for 20 pax.After then water boil turn off stove and stainer remove dregs coffee.Coffee read to serve.

Next,l help my friend prepare slice fruit .Clean orange peel and They making for 20 pax  and released off all we document photo the results production.Continue l doing sunny side up for condiment fried rice .We follow with procedure recipe and good job.
10 am open the restaurant and we production ready to table manner. Today practice very funny 


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