Menu Rotate I.1 versi english


Usually,o’clock 8 am we enter pratice lab kitchen and oneline in cold kitchen. Oops llodies! ‘are you ever though what it is about oneline ‘ or ‘why do you have to oneline’. All right,I’m going talk a little about ONELINE. Oke! Oneline is where’s our line in a row with neat .Why?getting used to stand for hours in the kitchen and to train our mental.

Next ,come back to activity.Today ,it’s going to cook is GROUP 1 and GROUP2  do some research,every now and they help her also. We will present  table d’hote with menu Western as the following :

chicken salad hawaian
shrimp bisque
beef stew
bake of potato
zucchini sauté provencale
butter cake
(French bread)
After that,supervisior giving the job of each group. And my team to make butter cake and how to make it almost the same as the creation of sponge cake.

It was at 11.30 as for the presentation and restaurant open for lunch. We busy the presentation of last dan lunch over at 13.00.Finally,the mission complete and we cleaning the area work that group 2 can use to prepare for tomorrow.


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