Daily pratice versi english

Who are you today? I think your fine :)

I wake up at 4 am,i haven't finished the task last night.Usually,Today our last pratice i arrived at 07 am and oneline for check complete tolls and then go in lab kitchen. The Cold kitchen. we were given instruction by supervisior about menu table d'hote I.3 where are we prepare on the ingredients yesterday.

the menu of indonesia by appetizer of sambal ulang-ulang,soup of soup red beans,main course of duck menyanyat+rice+sambal matah+plecing kangkung and dessert of bika ambon.and my grup doing is soup red beans that has a texture smooth puree and kind of soup thick.kidney beans saute with other ingredients and in a blender.

soon the restaurant will open and we are ready for presentation,we make 30 pax.
it is going success because there is not complaint of waiters.I'm so happy.


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