Daily activity Indonesian menu

Today I’m off to cook. Here we research a raw food with my group. Raw materials that can be replaced with other material it’s easier to come by and a low price. I’m references from the internet and some of this friend.And  find some material between the BITTER MELON or  SCREWPINE LEAF just temporarily. While we are still research for something unique but easy to find from Indonesia.

Then,we’re making the menu rotation for tomorrow is the menu Indonesian.My team prepare the soup red beans add the galangale,onion,shallot,garlic and ginger all were chopped. Done,we helped a group 2 presents the food,we make 40 pax. Lunch be starting at 13.25 and ready to serve.

It’s all out menu table d’hote (40pax) but the service of asudden added pax out of the alleged. And we can not meet the demand for it because we’re out of material for the main kitchen.
After lunch done us a break and general cleaning together


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